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OctoseŽ makes sense
The OctoseŽ system protects hoses and cables at the junction between the prime mover and trailer. The benefits OctoseŽ bring through reduced maintenance and risk of torn brake lines, make Installing the OctoseŽ system the smarter and safer way to run your fleet.

"They pay for themselves many times over."
Tony Clark, Workshop Manager
Richers Transport, QLD

The OctoseŽ System...

  • Fit's every prime mover and trailer combination
  • Protects hoses from tearing or snagging, saving you down time
  • Reduces the risk of road hazards, such as brake failure
  • Is backed by a 12 month warranty
  • Saves you money in reduced wear and tear to hoses

Over 900 OctoseŽ are currently in use without a single return or complaint

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