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Testimonials From OctoseŽ Customers
This is what our Customers have to say about their experience with OctoseŽ.


"Octose has been such an excellent product for us as we are big on safety and maintenance of our fleet. We specify Octose to be fitted to our Prime mover's and trailers before delivery."

Rocky's Own

  "We have been using Octose for the last 6 years. This product, which is Australian made has saved us in maintenance to our air and electrical conduits. They pay for themselves many times over."

Tony Clark
Richers Transport

  "I was a single semi operator owner driver. I fitted an Octose to my rig and was so satisfied I would carry a spare one under the sleeper to sell to my mates"

Graham Herron


Over 900 OctoseŽ are currently saving time, money and and possible safety risks.
If you have any questions regarding the OctoseŽ system, please contact us here.



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